Ben’s guide to gig etiquette! (AKA – gripes of a grumpy gig goer)


By Ben

Live music is my favorite thing and as a result I have spent countless hours in close proximity to countless other punters and had some unbelievable and unforgettable experiences.  But for all the awesome there is all too often annoyance.  I am not renowned as a particularly patient person and crowds can be the ultimate test of the tether on my temper
So I have honed a list of my behavioral observations and suggestions from my experiences as seen from my somewhat crusty & jaded perspective.  Read more…

Every Time I Die / Chainsaw Hookers / Statues @ Amplifier Bar Perth 24/10/13


By Ben

They have a reputation as a good time live band and tonight was my first chance to see them at a smaller indoor venue after catching them for a couple of festival sets over the years. My previous impressions had been that they were a good live act that were not necessarily suited to a huge stage and small crowd at midday on the Big Day Out bill. I was really hoping that the chance to witness their “partycore” action in a club would be more akin to seeing them in their natural environment. Read more…

Stonefield- Stonefield


By Stewart

“Hey there sugar with your eyes so blue, ridin’ around in your red HQ!”.  Haha, those lyrics… they warm the cockles of my rural Aussie heart!
After releasing a couple of well received EPs, the four Findlay siblings and best known band from the tiny rural town of Darraweit Guim if you can believe it, have finally launched their debut album.  Read more…

Miley Cyrus – Bangerz


by Alan Smithee

As if there wasn’t enough self-harm in the world, especially perpetrated by pop music reviewers; well now we have ‘Bangerz’. There’s always a point in one’s career where the question arises “how did it fucking come to this?!” In truth, I can be a sadist. It’s a compulsion. In fact, I look forward to beating my head against the wall of putrid pop with the hope of making myself bleed. After ‘Bangerz’, I think I have more than just a concussion…Continue Reading…

Vista Chino- Peace


By Ben

The ‘K’ Word…It is unavoidable I’m afraid…

Vista Chino is not Kyuss (mostly for legal reasons) but there is enough Kyuss present in their personnel and sound for them trade off the aforementioned legacy. But in doing so they potentially risked mortally wounding a mythical monster, and as a huge Kyuss fan I was worried that may turn out to be the case.  Read more…

Chase and Status – Brand New Machine


By Andrew

What a weird album. I mean its fucking brilliant, but its not what the label says. Or more to the point, last I heard, Chase and Status were going metal. Yeah that’s fucking right, M.E.T.A.L. ‘Brand New Machine’ is not the case at all. In fact, it could possibly take the top honours for dance album of the year here at SSMB. This has every element I want in a dance album. Attention to detail, eclectic styles and genre hopping and true and essential love for the electronic beat…Continue reading…