Sensitive Stew!


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I’m a gen X-er….a child of the ’70s, currently residing in Melbourne Australia.

I was raised on a steady diet of classic rock;  Hendrix, Beatles, Stones, Cream, Floyd, Zep, AC/DC, that kind of thing and learned to play the piano at a young age, but in the mid ’80s I had an epiphany…like many adolescents, I discovered metal and punk.

I couldn’t get enough of them (or my first electric guitar which I was given as a present at age 15).  It was those genres that gave me my musical verve and an enthusiasm for dedicating a large portion of my life to music.  Just as importantly, the aforementioned styles gave me an appreciation for dissonance, timbral distortion and an ear that could appreciate not only mind blowingly fast and complex music, but also music of utter simplicity.

In the ensuing years, (thanks in no small part to the genre-bending likes of Mike Patton and John Zorn), I’ve broadened my stylistic boundaries to incorporate just about any genre you care to name.  I own thousands of albums of wildly differing styles and have been subjected to countless live gigs.  I also studied audio engineering obtaining an advanced diploma and subsequently worked for far too many years as an in-house AV tech.

In addition to my musical appreciation and critiquing, I’m also a (fairly mediocre) multi instrumentalist, guitar collector, tragic hi-fi enthusiast and general gear slut!

I’m also a voracious reader.  I’ve read loads of music press, band bios and historical/referential music publications, but certainly not just music related stuff, most anything will do.

All these factors combined with a healthy disdain for the boring status quo of the music journalism industry spurned me to create the monster that is Audicracy and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy writing it!