A.B. Original – Reclaim Australia


By Andy

I really needed this album, way more than I thought I would. When I heard Briggs and Trials were putting together a duo and an album to be released I remember thinking “cool, that’ll be worth a look”. But by the middle of 2016 I was starting to feel more and more disillusioned with the year’s oz hip-hop contributions, and although I was enjoying some downtime from Australia releases, the public discourse was invading my head space. So welcome was the record that I instantly dropped everything to listen to it on repeat which I rarely do these days for fear of over saturation. Something kept dragging me back, time and time again.


King Rollo (Gravity Champions) Interview

black dog

By Andrew


This Thursday night, in the sleepy little town they call Sydney, a couple of Audiocracy’s wider fam are hitting the stage for a good cause. Spreading the word at the event is all to support one woman’s attempt to cycle the 550km distance from San Francisco to Yosemite National Park. Why would she do that, I hear you ask. Well she’s raising money and awareness for one of Australia’s most famous and high profile mental health organisations, The Black Dog Institute, and the work they do in suicide prevention.


Joining us today to discuss their involvement and hopefully get some of you out to the gig is one third of Gravity Champions, a hip-hop outfit coming out of sin city itself, the one, the only, King Rollo!

Miley Cyrus – Bangerz


by Alan Smithee

As if there wasn’t enough self-harm in the world, especially perpetrated by pop music reviewers; well now we have ‘Bangerz’. There’s always a point in one’s career where the question arises “how did it fucking come to this?!” In truth, I can be a sadist. It’s a compulsion. In fact, I look forward to beating my head against the wall of putrid pop with the hope of making myself bleed. After ‘Bangerz’, I think I have more than just a concussion…Continue Reading…

Mantra – Telling Scenes


By Andrew

Mr Rob Tremlett is back again under the moniker of Mantra. After the ill-fated but criminally underrated Illzilla, all the remaining artists went out on their own. Mantra is by far the most popular of the illzilla breakers, with Mista Savona being the only other of any recent note. The third album by Mantra, Telling Scenes, is by far his best and perfects a formula he started way back when.…Continue reading…