Franz Ferdinand- Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action


By Stewart


“Sometimes I wish you were here….weather permitting…”

Well, the weather apparently does permit because Scotland’s Franz Ferdinand are back with their fourth full length album.  I always felt that the band were capable of much more than merely producing radio friendly dance-floor pop for pissed  yobs to glass each other to, so I tentatively pose the question: does this latest offering continue in the same safe, predictable, booty-shakin’ manner, or are we offered something a little more challenging and substantial?  Well….Read more

Michael Franti & Spearhead- All People


By Andrew

I’ve always been a huge fan of Michael Franti from as far back as his Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy days and I usually find great joy in a new Spearhead album. Has something changed in me or in Franti? Because I’m actually quite disappointed with All People. Its not what you would usually expect from Spearhead, ranging from pop rnb through some ‘ok’ reggae but it feels like the man has lost some of his fight and for this artist, this is a detrimental change… Read more

Thundercat- Apocalypse


By Stewart

Ok, so a few of you may be familiar with Mr Cat (Stephen Bruner to his friends), either from his recent role as bassist in LA superpunks Suicidal Tendencies or his collaborations with Erykah Badu and Flying Lotus.  If it’s the former, this album will really come flying out of leftfield… Read more

88 To Yesterday- Choose Your Own Adventure


By Ben

It is said that no matter how unusual or outdated your preferred musical genre or sexual fetish there is always someone out there who is also into it.  So whilst there very well may still be a community of like minded people who continue to perform the Lupercus Whipping Purification Ceremony on their prospective partners there is likewise definitely still a very much alive Pop Punk scene… Read more

Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals- Walk Through Exits Only


By Ben

Still fucking hostile…Phil Anselmo will need little introduction to anyone with even a passing interest in heavy music.  He has quite the impressive resume, his work with legendary metallers Pantera being what he is most famous for. Since the breakup of the heavy groove godfathers he has been reviled and revered in nearly equal measure. His story is going to make a great bio one day.  It has been a long time coming but big Phil has finally unleashed his debut solo album. And he is still pissed off… Read more

Alunageorge- Body Music


By Andrew

There’s been an inordinate amount of hype surrounding the debut release from UK songstress/Duo AlunaGeorge, and considering their powerhit addition to the vocalist roster from the latest Disclosure album ‘Settle’, this could have been a great start to a promising career. Sadly, Body Music promises the world and pretty much gives you herpes… Read more

Falling in Reverse- Fashionably Late


By Stewart

It’s hard not to take a passing interest in the car crash that is the life of Falling in Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke.  He’s been involved in the shooting death of a man in Las Vegas, been on all sorts of drugs, done 2 years jail for breaching his bail conditions, was unceremoniously ousted from his own band Escape The Fate and reportedly has an enthusiastic penchant for spousal abuse….yep, he’s that sorta guy.  However, history is littered with examples of brilliant musicians who’ve done hard time, so let’s judge him by his music shall we… Read more

La Dispute / Pianos Become Teeth / Flower Mouth @ Amplifier Bar Perth 06/06/13


By Ben

Say we couldn’t tell the difference between the feeling and the sound,”

Punk and its entire bastard offspring is often about much more than music. For those that choose it, punk can be a lifestyle, a movement, a community, and an ethos. There are certain bands that embody this essence and live it fulltime. I believe a good punk/hardcore band has something to say and is not going to be kept from saying it, but a truly transcendent one lives not only by their words but also through their actions. La Dispute are such an act… Read more

Cult Of Luna- Vertikal


By Ben

Though not widely considered a tourist hotspot, Umea in Sweden is high on my “must visit bucket list” Not for any traditional reason but simply to investigate how this university town of just over 100,000 residents has managed to produce the remarkable trio of Refused, Meshuggah and Cult Of Luna. All three rate among my favourite bands, all diverse in nature, all brilliant in output and influence. If there is actually something in the Umea water then I want to bathe in it… Read more