Interview- John Scott (The Mark of Cain)


By Ben

The Mark Of Cain hold a unique position among the Australian musical landscape. It is a position that has been hard won, born of an unparalleled work ethic and an uncompromised artistic vision. The band; built around brothers John & Kim Scott, have been pummeling the devoted for the best part of three decades. They have exposed countless people to their characteristic sound – music completely devoid of superfluous bullshit, imbued with integrity and delivered with tangible passion.  Read more…

Aloe Blacc – Lift Your Spirit


by Andrew

Aloe Blacc is an interesting artist. Not raised poor like a lot of rappers, his home town in Laguna Hills Orange County, California, he is anything but working class. That said, he has an incredible affinity with the origins of soul, blues and gospel that you could forgiven for thinking ‘I Need A Dollar’ was his personal life mantra. Now happily married to Australian hip-hop artist Maya Jupiter, and having just had a child, Blacc releasing an album was not really on anyone’s mind. ‘Lift Your Spirits’ is a beast of an album. Melding seamlessly the sounds and thoughts of blues with the ever present gospel voice and kicking beats care of some of hip-hop’s best US producers; this is a surprising revelation in the modern musical media of popular culture…More…

Defending the Indefensible Vol 1: Grindcore


By Stewart

A new segment!  every now and then I shall heroically leap to the defense of an artist, style, instrument or whatever which routinely comes under fire from the public, (whether deservedly or undeservedly), in an effort to promote a bit of thought and open-mindedness.  Yeah I’m supposed to be reviewing an album right now but that can wait.  To kick us off, I’m starting with a genre.  Grindcore.  Read more…

Woodford Folk Festival 2013/2014 – Day 3 Dreaming


by Andrew

The festival scene in Australia has been called dead, dying and ultimately waning in popularity by everyone in the industry and with only a few successful festivals across the country every year – it’s a hard point to counter. Obviously there are few detractors who attend the annual Woodford Folk Festival, because it this year’s numbers are anything to go by; this festival scene is alive and kicking. As usual, we chose to attend only one of the seven days (purely for financially reasons) and as usual we were not disappointed. More…

Grey Ghost – The Elixir EP


Grey Ghost, aka Jeremedy, is not a new artist by any means. Having kicked around the oz hip-hop scene for a number of years under different monikers, he has rarely had the exposure he really deserves. With this latest moniker, Grey Ghost, he has released a very interesting EP, The Elixir. Far from hardcore rap or hip-hop, The Elixir is a mixture of some of the best rapid fire rhyming since Dialectrix first hit the scene several years ago. But what The Elixir does is really not normal. Closer to more conventional rock/rnb/electronic formulae; The Elixir is both a breath of fresh air and a sometimes confusing collection of odes. But Why?

My Life With Deth- David Ellefson



By Stewart

David “Junior” Ellefson is a man in a unique position.  As Megadeth’s bassist, not only has he experienced and witnessed first hand the birth, explosion and subsequent implosion of the thrash metal phenomenon, he’s been exposed to some of music’s biggest egos, been a fly on the wall during some of metal’s nastiest feuds, toured the world many times over, struggled with serious addictions and generally lived an extraordinary life.  Read more…