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By Ben

Indiana technical progressive 5 piece The Room Colored Charlatan have recently unleashed their 2nd album ‘Primitives’ to universal critical acclaim and the guys have been good enough to answer a few questions for us at Audiocracy.

Ben: You guys have just dropped your second album ‘Primitives’, how have you felt about the reception it has received so far?

TRCC: So far we have received great reception, people seem to really enjoy it and we are thankful for each person that gives the record a spin because it makes what we do that much more worth it.

B: What are your plans regarding touring and/or promoting the album? Is international touring on the cards at any stage?

TRCC: There are no official plans on the table for a tour yet, however we have certainly discussed it and doing small tours is not out of the question.  If the circumstances were right for us international touring would certainly be a possibility!  In regards to promoting the album we intend to make full use of the internet as most bands do now a day, but also we are working hard to make our live performance a truly engulfing and unforgettable experience for people because that’s what makes you truly love a band.

B: Which of the following best describes your creative process and why – anarchy, socialism, dictatorship or democracy?

TRCC: Our creative process up to this point has for the most part been a dictatorship with Justin Seymour handling the large majority of writing and recording of the album.  However this is done more out of convenience than anything else as many of the band members also continue to have busy lives. The band has also gone through recent member changes in the middle of the writing process and during the release so in order to keep the record on schedule he continued to write the music himself, future TRCC releases are likely to see a more democratic creative process.

B: Why did you choose to produce, master and mix this album yourselves? How do you think it affected the recording process?

TRCC: We did this same process with our last album release as well however I, Justin, have grown substantially as a producer in that time.  I knew I could provide a top notch quality production while saving the band a substantial amount of money.  Due to this the recording process was pretty haphazard compared to traditional recording experiences.  I started by recording preproduction tracks of all the songs then systematically going back and retracking everything overtime for the final versions.  We didn’t really have “recording sessions” many times it would be myself and Jared Bush (vocalist) in the studio together writing and recording material at the same time.  So essentially all the music was written and recorded at the same time, nothing on this record was written before the recording process.  I think this actually helps create continuity in the record itself as many of the songs have similar musical themes.

B: Can you explain a little about some of the lyrical themes running through Primitives and how they influenced both the writing process and the finished product?

TRCC: Yes, the lyrical theme of the record is based on a simple idea, “humans are not as advanced as we like to think we are, we are still a primitive species that has the potential grow into something beautiful or destroy ourselves.”  When writing the music to the record I was very aware of a seemingly growing lack of interest in bands lyrical content and for us we see ourselves as a band with a REAL message and our lyrics are just as important to our music as the instrumentation is.  Perhaps my favourite band of all time growing up was Rage Against the Machine, so I have always felt I wanted to have a message to our music.

B: Can you point to any particular non-musical influences or passions that effect the way you write and/or sound?

TRCC: Absolutely, the message and sound behind “Primitives” is largely influenced by a couple of different things.  Jared and Justin have been long time advocates of 2 organizations known as The Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement and goals and aims of these organizations have made a profound impact on them.  Thus much of the message in this record is about the ability for humankind to restructure ourselves in a way that benefits all.  An example of this is in the final lyrics in the song Apex Predator “a beacon is burning calling us like moth to a flame, showing us the path to a new way of life for all…”
Secondly much of the lyrical content is influenced by eastern philosophy but more particularly the metaphysics and individuals such as Alan Watts.
Lastly I knew we wanted the sound of the record to FEEL like a movie to some extent, we wanted it to feel dramatic and much of the music is inspired by composers like Hans Zimmer.

B: What are some of the best and worst things about being on the road as a band?

TRCC: Since we have yet to really tour I cannot comment on this from experience, while I can speculate I would rather let more tour experienced bands answer that question!

B: Are there any particular places you have played that stand out for reasons good or bad?

TRCC: We have found any place can be an amazing experience just as any venue can be poor.  We tend to dislike when venues are unprofessional since we make a concerted effort as a band to maintain a high level of professionalism ourselves.

B: If a venue offered you an unlimited backstage rider what are some of the things you would request?

TRCC: If you listen to our record we have a pretty adamant anti-consumerism message so, we would probably request the guarantee we were promised (to pay for gas and time), some water and maybe a pizza or 2. I know…Boring

B: What was the last live show you saw that really impressed you?

TRCC: I have seen a few great ones lately but the most impressive live show I saw recently was Tesseract on their Altered State Tour which we had the pleasure of opening for in Indianapolis.  They are a truly incredible act both live and on record with music that connects.

B: If you could share the stage with any musicians (current or past) who would you choose?

TRCC: We have been fortunate to share the stage with several of our favourite bands such as The Contortionist, and Tesseract.  However I would say to share the stage with Deftones would be about the best experience ever.

B: Being from Indiana I have to ask – what’s up with Roy Hibbert?

TRCC: Well, we are certainly a better team when he is playing well, as former basketball player myself I understand that players will always go through slumps in their play it is natural and can be paralleled with writers block in music (even happens to the greats).  Hopefully the Pacers are able to pull themselves together for what is sure to be a dramatic series with the Heat!

B: My last question is a bit of standard and inspired by the kind of silly shit my friends and I muse over a few too many cold ones in the wee hours – If you could choose how you were to die what would you choose?

TRCC:  We all technically CAN choose how we are going to die we could easily take our lives any way and at any time we want, we simply choose NOT to choose a means of death.  So not knowing is really the fun of dying…  haha I don’t know I guess the best way would be to orgasm to death right?

‘Primitives’ out now through Subliminal Groove Records.
Music and merch available from the band’s official site.  Look, listen and buy here.
And Check out the band on Facebook.

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