Ben’s guide to gig etiquette! (AKA – gripes of a grumpy gig goer)


By Ben

Live music is my favorite thing and as a result I have spent countless hours in close proximity to countless other punters and had some unbelievable and unforgettable experiences.  But for all the awesome there is all too often annoyance.  I am not renowned as a particularly patient person and crowds can be the ultimate test of the tether on my temper
So I have honed a list of my behavioral observations and suggestions from my experiences as seen from my somewhat crusty & jaded perspective.  Read more…

Confessions Of A Closet Hipster…


By Andrew

I have been accused of bashing hipsters many times in the past and I will admit, that at times, I will openly attack their ipad-carrying style-expert wannabe selves purely for the fact it’s fun and they bite back. I have spent many years perfecting my ‘bait and attack’ routine with hipsters, leading them on a merry path to sacrifice on the internet and, conversely, in the open world. But this writer is possibly hiding a dark, dark secret of acceptance-craving and scene-following shame.  Read more

Sensitive Stew’s top 11 albums of 2012!

Yeah that’s right…eleven.  Why not ten?  Or why not fifteen?  Because there were eleven albums I heard this year that really stood out from the rest of the pack.  I could leave out none of these inclusions.  I didn’t do fifteen because there is a drop off in quality between the albums on this list and all the others.  I could have done 15, but I don’t want to include albums that are merely “good”.  Good albums don’t make the cut. I’ve been called a harsh reviewer, but why should we settle for mediocrity?  This list is for great albums.  Not being a magazine, I can’t hope to hear every release put out per year, but I do try to take in a variety of new releases.  Anyone who is lamenting the state of music in 2012 need only listen to these fantastic records for reassurance that the industry isn’t anywhere near as fucked as people say it is.  To find the gold, you just have to dig a little deeper than in the good old days….Read more