La Dispute / Pianos Become Teeth / Flower Mouth @ Amplifier Bar Perth 06/06/13


By Ben

Say we couldn’t tell the difference between the feeling and the sound,”

Punk and its entire bastard offspring is often about much more than music. For those that choose it, punk can be a lifestyle, a movement, a community, and an ethos. There are certain bands that embody this essence and live it fulltime. I believe a good punk/hardcore band has something to say and is not going to be kept from saying it, but a truly transcendent one lives not only by their words but also through their actions. La Dispute are such an act… Read more

Coheed and Cambria/Circa Survive – The Tivoli, Brisbane; 19th April 2013


By Andrew

The Tivoli is Brisbane is one of those great venues you talk about with fervor and fond memories and since I’ve been in Brisbane I have two very awesome adventures to the Brisvegas hotspot. As one of those older style venues in capital cities slowly dying out, it’s everyone’s duty to see something there at least once before it disappears. The layout is typical of its era and although it’s had several transformations over the years, it’s still oozing with style and character… Read more