Defending the Indefensible Vol 1: Grindcore


By Stewart

A new segment!  every now and then I shall heroically leap to the defense of an artist, style, instrument or whatever which routinely comes under fire from the public, (whether deservedly or undeservedly), in an effort to promote a bit of thought and open-mindedness.  Yeah I’m supposed to be reviewing an album right now but that can wait.  To kick us off, I’m starting with a genre.  Grindcore.  Read more…

My Life With Deth- David Ellefson



By Stewart

David “Junior” Ellefson is a man in a unique position.  As Megadeth’s bassist, not only has he experienced and witnessed first hand the birth, explosion and subsequent implosion of the thrash metal phenomenon, he’s been exposed to some of music’s biggest egos, been a fly on the wall during some of metal’s nastiest feuds, toured the world many times over, struggled with serious addictions and generally lived an extraordinary life.  Read more…