Bane Of Winterstorm- The War of Shadows I: The Last Sons of Perylin


By Stewart

…too many bands are guilty of genre-dodging these days, erroneously and conceitedly claiming to be a completely new style unto themselves.  Well that ain’t the case with Bane of Winterstorm.  Their Facebook page announces proudly that they’re symphonic power metal and… well if a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing properly.  Read more…

Stonefield- Stonefield


By Stewart

“Hey there sugar with your eyes so blue, ridin’ around in your red HQ!”.  Haha, those lyrics… they warm the cockles of my rural Aussie heart!
After releasing a couple of well received EPs, the four Findlay siblings and best known band from the tiny rural town of Darraweit Guim if you can believe it, have finally launched their debut album.  Read more…