Interview- John Scott (The Mark of Cain)


By Ben

The Mark Of Cain hold a unique position among the Australian musical landscape. It is a position that has been hard won, born of an unparalleled work ethic and an uncompromised artistic vision. The band; built around brothers John & Kim Scott, have been pummeling the devoted for the best part of three decades. They have exposed countless people to their characteristic sound – music completely devoid of superfluous bullshit, imbued with integrity and delivered with tangible passion.  Read more…

Brutal Ben’s Top Gigs of 2013


Time, place and circumstance…

I cannot deny the influence of these factors on how I rate a live show. My opinions on music are unapologetically subjective because for me music is about emotion. I’m exponentially more punter than producer so I’m not necessarily seeking a note perfect performance. I crave that rare and hard to define ‘something’ that makes the experience resonate more deeply and connect more emotionally.

To me sometimes the back story can be as important as the band, the vibe as influential as the venue. My expectation for a band’s live show is directly proportional my experiences with them.  These points became very evident when I sat down to review my year in gigs, this list is completely influenced by bias and factors beyond how well the band played. This assessment criteria is possibly a tad unfair, but that is live music to me.  Read more…

Interview- Carl Whitbread (Lo!)


By Ben

Lo! are rising.

By the time this Sydney quartet came to public awareness they had already honed a professional sound and style that is as slick as it is stimulating.
They are a group of experienced and likeminded musicians who have focussed their combined powers into a fearsome musical alliance.
Guitarist and go-getter Carl Whitbread made time in his schedule to answer a few questions and here are the results for your reading pleasure.  Read more

Slanted & Enchanted Festival @ The Astor Theatre, Perth 7/12/13


By Ben

Slanted & Enchanted is a new & novel concept on the Perth music front: an indie rock festival carried out concurrently over two completely separate venues –The Astor Theatre & The Bakery.  It’s fair to say that it is not the type of event I would normally frequent based on the majority of the lineup, but the inclusion of Canadian noise merchants METZ got me out of the house and off to the theatre.  Read more...

Brutal Ben’s Top Albums of 2013


In a barely acceptable act of self-indulgence I get to bang on about the albums I rated highest in 2013. Not a bad gig for a verbose music lover like me!
I was lucky enough to have some of my favourite acts put out new material in 2013, and none disappointed. Ranking them in any kind of order is a difficult task akin to choosing my favourite cut of steak or deciding which colour Clinker tastes best.
So I have compiled a list of the albums that most moved me in the past 12 months despite the order being a fluid concept. Read more…