Eminem – MMLP2


by Andrew

The return of Marshall Mathers III’s better stuff has been long in the making. Not that he’s been silent, but the rap industry has been chewing up and spitting out crap mainstream rappers since the last album ‘Recovery’, so its good to see someone capable walking back into the fray. In the last couple of years we’ve seen the rise of Kanye West and others, but Eminem is still the master of brilliant writing, disturbing and conversely hilarious lyricism and a style unique in this day of homogeny and carbon copy hip-hop. Does ‘MMLP2’ live up to the hype or does it show whether Mathers should have stayed in semi-retirement? Let me take you on a journey…

Vista Chino- Peace


By Ben

The ‘K’ Word…It is unavoidable I’m afraid…

Vista Chino is not Kyuss (mostly for legal reasons) but there is enough Kyuss present in their personnel and sound for them trade off the aforementioned legacy. But in doing so they potentially risked mortally wounding a mythical monster, and as a huge Kyuss fan I was worried that may turn out to be the case.  Read more…

Goldfrapp- Tales Of Us


By Stewart

Goldfrapp have spent the past decade teasing us.  Their 2002 debut ‘Felt Mountain’ is rightly regarded as indispensable, but since then the London duo have bounced uneasily between electro-pop, ambient melancholia and trip-hop without ever quite delivering the baroque masterpiece we know they’re capable of.  Read more…

The Bloody Beetroots – Hide


by Andrew

The Bloody Beetroots are interesting. Or should I say, Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo is interesting. The Italian born and classically trained musician/producer is an enigma. Aside from the rather obscure tattoo “1977” on his chest (his birth year and the birth year of punk) and his signature donned Venom mask, not much is really known about Rifo. He has been in and around the post punk scene throughout Europe and even his foray into electro was fairly low key. Originally being picked up by Steve Aoki and Dim Mak Records, he has now released only his second album under the Ultra Records label out of the US. And boy is it fucking good…Continue reading…