Chase and Status – Brand New Machine


By Andrew

What a weird album. I mean its fucking brilliant, but its not what the label says. Or more to the point, last I heard, Chase and Status were going metal. Yeah that’s fucking right, M.E.T.A.L. ‘Brand New Machine’ is not the case at all. In fact, it could possibly take the top honours for dance album of the year here at SSMB. This has every element I want in a dance album. Attention to detail, eclectic styles and genre hopping and true and essential love for the electronic beat…Continue reading…

Mantra – Telling Scenes


By Andrew

Mr Rob Tremlett is back again under the moniker of Mantra. After the ill-fated but criminally underrated Illzilla, all the remaining artists went out on their own. Mantra is by far the most popular of the illzilla breakers, with Mista Savona being the only other of any recent note. The third album by Mantra, Telling Scenes, is by far his best and perfects a formula he started way back when.…Continue reading…

88 To Yesterday- Choose Your Own Adventure


By Ben

It is said that no matter how unusual or outdated your preferred musical genre or sexual fetish there is always someone out there who is also into it.  So whilst there very well may still be a community of like minded people who continue to perform the Lupercus Whipping Purification Ceremony on their prospective partners there is likewise definitely still a very much alive Pop Punk scene… Read more

Ash Grunwald with Scott Owen & Andy Strachan from The Living End- Gargantua



By Andrew

When I heard about this collaboration earlier this year I thought “here we go again, Ash’s smoked some funky shit and thinks he’s on a different musical plane” and in a way I was right. This release from the notoriously under organised blues and roots fiend is an example of why his style and sound are one of a kind… Read more


The Cat Empire- Steal The Light


By Andrew

Back with their sixth album release since the iconic self-titled release in 2003, The Cat Empire return with their latest album since 2010 –‘Steal The Light’. I lost interest in the Cat Empire after the disaster that was ‘Cities’ back in 2006 but like an oft-fated reunion with a long lost best friend or lover, it hits you like a familiar smell or a history soaked memory… Read more