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By Andrew

Before anyone says “Sensitive Stew’s Music Blog has gotten all ‘pop’ on us and I don’t think I like them anymore after that Will.i.Am review…” give me a chance. As Stew puts it, this one needs a rusty drill bit treatment. I do reviews like this to show people where music is going and what to expect next time you are stuck listening to Nova or some other shit at work (by force) and want to at least have some semblance of argumentative power when the office girl says “That new Will.i.Am album is hot” you can fire back with your our 3rd degree burn retort.

It’s almost like William (that’s it, I’ve had it with the fucking punctuation!) has ‘found’ a new style in dance music and Trap. It’s like every song features it to ad nauseam, over and over and over. Some of it could be taken in isolation as “oh, the dude’s trying to be progressive and current” but no, the fucker has to use it in EVERY song like it’s the only way to make music. It’s as if you want to say, “Mate, there are other styles of RnB these days” and by all means, return to your roots and ACTUALLY produce some Hip Hop. You know that style, the one that made you famous and somewhat credible?

I used to be a big fan of Black Eyed Peas and I’m sure some of you will say I’m a dick for doing so, but their original hip hop style and flow before the parasitic stalker Fergie attach herself to them was original and at the front of the pack. What we have after her influence is an intoxicated and perverted attraction to fame, popularity and homogeny. By all means, go find some of their first or second album entries and compare to what they have delivered in the last couple of years (all alternatively *post* their vile ‘discovery’ of Fergie as an *artist* or as I call her, apsychopath). William (I refuse to put in the excessive punctuation anymore) had some huge rep and street cred when he was in the BEP, and along with Apl.De.Ap and co was considered the future of popularised RnB/Hip Hop.

William used to be a beacon of modern Hip Hop and RnB and these days he has become a lesser clone of Flo Rida and that is saying something being compared to a dude that can’t spell an American state he is from *correctly*. Its real intelligent making your stage name your state with a space in it (please don’t get me started on Flo Rida and his blatant abuse of musical norms and creativity).

By now you’ve heard all the controversy surrounding William stealing beats and such from lesser known artist, but this all is very indicative of the industry’s pressure to create the ‘next big thing’ in dance/RnB and in the process they arse-raped the integrity of someone who had a career before the popular music industry had their way.

This is a review I hoped to file in less than 400 words and I call tell you this has been hard. I want to explain his heritage, the deception and the sheer arrogance of the production and conception of this album but there just isn’t time. I will say that despite myself want to hate this like nobody’s business, there is something telling me I’m going to be hearing this in clubs and sets for at least the next couple of months and this irks me damn good. This paragraph is meant to contain the ‘good points’ in the album and all I can say is 12-year-olds will love the fuck out of it. That’s it. Period. Plus this shit has Chris Brown in it and it fucks me the hell off.  Over it.

p.s. Frank Ocean wants his album cover back and Daft Punk want their sample is a good song – without Justin Beiber in it. Power my arse…



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