Marshalblaze Presents Linkin Park/Eminem- After Collision


By Andrew

After the amazing success of Collision Course collaboration between Jay-Z and Linkin park resulted in a Grammy nomination for Numb/Encore from the album, it appears someone out there is stalking the throne.

This is the second mixtape from a seemingly unknown source (Marshall Blaze Presents) who has compiled the best of Linkin Park deftly mixed in the Eminem’s finest. As usual with things like this, it’s a bootleg recording with no backing from either of the original artists and does not appear in anything the two respective artists have endorsed. Failing to find a named source for the mixtape does not deter SSMB from bringing you the very thankful news that its freaking awesome. This is the second release, with the first appearing out there last year under the title “Collision Course II” and available through monstermixtapes. But this latest album seems to be even more secretive and just that little bit harder to find.

It’s worth trying to get hold of the album, because the seamless melding of tracks makes it almost feel like it was made this way to begin with. Only fans of both or either of the artists will know where the cuts and mixing has been done.

I think there’s something special in the combination of “Tomorrow” and “Lose Yourself” and it could have been a complete write off, but without blowing smoke up the DJ’s clacker; this is gold. It has the chance of pissing off fans of both artists but for some of us that don’t really favour either, it’s a refreshing revelation. The production is high quality, the re-recording is brilliant and swiftly mixed and the quality of the free download is top quality. Just as another taste of the combinations is the angry “Closer to the Edge” featuring the tight message of the song “White America”. Whoever has put this mixtape together knows every intimate piece of both artists repertoires and we are all the better for it. Another standout combo is the classic “Something Real” by LP together with “Cleaning out my Closet” for MM.

Underground bedroom producers such as MarshallBlaze give us all hope that the next generation of producers is out there, working their thing and keeping it all under wraps. I guess with a little more digging I could have found the real person behind the mixtape, but I think it adds to the mystery of the album not to know who produced it. Rest assured I can guarantee both artists are aware of mixtape and are either lining up to sue them or make them their next album producer. Either way, as the internet explodes with more and more bootlegs offering up the chance to show the public their stuff, the underground is alive and thriving. Breathe a sigh of relief. While the mainstream is talking about the death of CDs and the music industry, next-wave artists and producers are making sure 100% of sales go to them and not those pesky record executives.

For those that are interested in the mixtape you can head over to your favourite delivery service and type in the name. I can’t tell you where to go due to the bootleg nature of the record, but if you’re really that keen – you’ll find it J. Here, I’ll even give you a head start…

9/10 Starcruisers

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