Childish Gambino – Because The Internet


By Andrew

Childish Gambino, or Donald Glover, is an interesting artist and seems to be the talk of the entertainment industry but not really that well-known in the real world. Gambino is probably more well-known for his role in the hit tv show ‘Community’ or for his writing credits on the stunning ‘30 Rock’. As part of the comedy troupe Derrick Comedy he is also responsible for the awesome film ‘Mystery Team’. All this might seem like gibberish for those outside the loop, and believe me, I was well outside this incestuous loop for quite a while until I heard the Flux Pavillion track ‘Do or Die’ and thought, I should probably check this dude out. Well, I’m here to say, you should too.

If you love hip-hop which really challenges the norms, addresses themes in a narrative or storytelling way or really, just looking for something different; ‘Because The Internet’ is for you. As part of my ten acts to watch in 2014, I mentioned a writer called ‘Chance the Rapper’ and its pretty apt, because not only does he represent everything Gambino is, he even features on the album. This seems to be the new wave of American artists who are truly challenging the norms of hip-hop. While the world ‘feels’ Jay-Z, the underground is listening to Childish Gambino.

This release is not the first from Gambino, but it represents the first real entry into the limelight for someone who is not afraid to re-invent himself time and again. ‘Because the Internet’ might be a challenging album, but not in the same way Kanye West ‘Yeezus’ was. Gambino compiles tracks with such intelligence that its scary. There’s no hubris, no bullshit, no preconceived ideas of what hip-hop represents or lies about. Its real. In the truest sense. And it’s a musical revelation.

Of particular interest is the intense reliance on Trap beats throughout the album. But mentioning Trap really detracts from the complexity of the album. It really feels like this is the way Trap should be. Strong bass, slow 75BPM speed and double speed raps straight over the top. This is what Trap should have always been. Featuring some of the better underground artists such as Azealia Banks and Chance The Rapper, ‘Because The Internet’ is sometimes more underground style than substance. (whoops, that’s a detraction…but it had to be said). But I think in this world of reverse-stylised hip-hop all about bitches and bling, I need a bit of conceptual and intelligent hip-hop. The album is, as the title states, primarily about the internet. But that theme is just that; a theme. Throughout the album, Gambino relates human experience through the medium of the internet and I think that kind of shit resonates with today’s youth. Talk of Youtube, social media and sexting is throughout the album and I think it’s a sign of the times.

Standout tracks on the album are those which feature other artists. Gambino and Chance the Rapper are a brilliant combination. They complement each other so well its like they may even join forces in the future, I just have a feeling. Lead track off the album ‘3005’ is an RnB gem and something which the rest of the album should not be compared to or judged by. Its one of the only tracks which goes against the grain, but somehow fits. Sounds strange huh? Oh well… But otherwise, Azealia Banks track ‘Earth: The oldest Computer’ is pure genius. A sexy, sexy track which should stand as a testament to the intelligence Gambino puts into producing every song on the album. Other awesome collaborators include Flying Lotus, ThunderKat (ahem *cough* stew…) and artists Jhene Aiko and  Free Information.

I will say there is an amount of sloppiness to the presentation with the first half of the album epic and the second half really sliding deeper into its own arsehole to only really resurface for ‘Earth: The Oldest Computer’. This album, although just out, has a large amount of “We expected more from you” attached to it and I think that’s unfair. As the industry adjusts to trap, less uniform rappers (with higher pitched vocal chords) and more focus on the technology these kids today are fascinated with; there will be a shift. Unfortunately for Gambino, Its not happening now.

I could talk for hours about how influential I think Childish Gambino will become, but I think people should just listen to the album. Its one of the hardest album’s I’ve had to review without thinking about other influences or roles Glover has played, but I hope this album reaches more than the underground. It really deserves it.

***Future Sounds of Rap***

8/10 Underground Multi-taskers {Abrasive Andy}