Chase and Status – Brand New Machine


By Andrew

What a weird album. I mean its fucking brilliant, but its not what the label says. Or more to the point, last I heard, Chase and Status were going metal. Yeah that’s fucking right, M.E.T.A.L. ‘Brand New Machine’ is not the case at all. In fact, it could possibly take the top honours for dance album of the year here at SSMB. This has every element I want in a dance album. Attention to detail, eclectic styles and genre hopping and true and essential love for the electronic beat.

Chase and Status have released three albums so far, including this one, and they always challenge the norms of electronic music. ‘Brand New Machine’ has elements of garage, moombahton, dancehall, Trip-hop, drum and bass, deep house, trap and hip hop, and even some hard glitch hop and dubstep. Normally I would say this type of schizophrenic selecting is against the grain, but with Chase and Status, there is a place for everything and everything in its place. Rappers highlight every Trap beat perfectly and additions of American rap stars Knytro and Pusha T highlight their intensity of production perfectly. This is how every dance music group should put together an album. Flawless in so many ways and in so many ways ever so slightly out of kilter; but oh so fucking good.

Guesting across the album is some of the most interesting selections of artists. Not my favourite Pusha T, opposite to that my absolute dance idols Major Lazer, Knytro, Moko and even the obligatory appearance from man of the moment (no really, he fucking is) Nile Rodgers. But every artist has a perfect song for them to control and star in. Like a movie director adept in every style and every genre, Chase and Status are making fun of the rest of the dance music industry. “Look at me mum, no fucking hands” is a phrase that comes to mind and I have the utmost respect for their hubris, but a deep love of their leading hand in what is otherwise considered a derivative music genre.

I had never even heard of Chase and Status until a couple of years ago when they played Future Music Festival and my sister came with us telling me “you’ll have heard of at least their most famous song ‘Temptation’.” That song, was of course, ‘Blind Faith’. A killer summer dance track and remixed to the hilt during that summer break. But after the concert I remember thinking “who the fuck are these dudes?!” they played a killer set, had great guest artists and played it all live in the same vein as The Prodigy or even Asian Dub Foundation. I have respect for a group of people who can come and put on a show not totally comprised of playing track for track in a DJ set and actually playing the joints live. Chase and Status are the epitome of that group. In many ways I think they are the spiritual successors to The Prodigy. The have this very tight live show which will make you think its all mimed. And that is the sincerest form of flattery. When people think you’re miming and you’re not; you’ve succeeded.


Brand New Machine has so many stand out tracks that its better if people listen to it. I think the primary tracks people will gravitate towards will be ‘Like That’ feat Moko’ (a killer summer DnB track and some of the more radio friendly tracks like ‘Gangsta Boogie feat Knytro’ for its hard-edged Trap sound. And, as much as I hate the fact people are forced into listening to him again, ‘What is Right feat Nile Rodgers and Abigail Wyles’ is a killer breaks/deep house/funk track. One of the better and sweeter tracks in an otherwise extremely eclectic and diverse dance album.

This album will no doubt go unnoticed by the mainstream, and for that, I’m happy. People who live for dance music, spend the time to trawl soundcloud and spend incalculable amounts of money of shows will appreciate this album. It challenges the norms but without deviated too much from the path. It leaves you feeling almost satisfied while leaving you wanting more. This is one the best albums this year and it never even screams it in your face. ‘Brand New Machine’ is a dance music powerhouse waiting to be discovered. Go get yours…

***Dance Genius***

9.5/10 Electronic Specialists {Abrasive Andy}

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