Avicii – TRUE


by Andrew

Well here we are. Its Abrasive vs Avicii. This has been a highly anticipated fight to the death in the razor wire cage of music journalism. What will be the outcome? Who will be the victor?

Oh how I despise thee, let me count the ways…1. I hate your popularity. You twiddle knobs on an overrated computer attached to speakers. I can do that too. 2. I hate your hair. Its like David Guetta gave you some of his because it needed to immigrate to another country in its plan for world domination. 3. I hate your face. Like an X-Factor chipmunk faced little boy, your pretty boy looks disgust me and it shouldn’t be a prerequisite for a dance DJ to be prettier than the stageside go-go dancers., it unbalances the matrix. 4. And what’s with your debut album ‘TRUE’? Did your decks make love to a banjo for fucks sake? Well, actually they did…

It’s as if Abba made love to cotton-eyed joe and Avicii is the bastard demon spawn child. Its that country and its that pop. But just like Damien, its good to watch and sadly for this writer, not bad to listen to. I will luckily save face and admit that its better served as a background soundtrack to cleaning the house than the soundtrack to your next house party, but as a 24-year-old, the little blonde swede knows how to make house music. House music I said, not normal music, but just plain old boring old house.

This is an album people will publicly hate, fervently deny they own when asked and clandestinely listen to when no one is around; secretly dancing and singing along. This is one for the ladies for sure, with its essential 128 sounds and composition; this is like the soundtrack to the Berlin Love Parade, Tomorrowland and Future Music Festival promotional videos all rolled into one.

I’m going to interrupt this review right now and tell a story. While I was listening to this album, in amongst the throngs of house music country; I heard a knock at the door. As with my usual conduct, I expected it to be the neighbours telling me to turn it down. I was greeted at the door by a friendly Energex guy, who started by saying:

Energex: Hi I was wondering if you knew wheth…are you listening to Avicii?

Me: hey mate, you KNEW who it was FFS…

Energex: My daughter loves this.

Me: She has good taste then

Energex: She’s twelve. And no she doesn’t

Me: I’m a music reviewer. We have to listen to shit sometimes.

Energex: Uh huh.

Me: [In my head] Fuck you.

Energex: Thanks mate, I’ll leave you to it…cheers…

Door to door

I guess this sums up what I felt before my public credibility was shattered by a random minimum wage door-knocker in the suburbs. Still, it could have been worse. It could have been a Telstra salesperson.

‘TRUE’ features a really eclectic and strange collection of other artists on the album. Man of the moment and ‘like the legend of the pheonix’ namesake Nile Rodgers features on two of the later tracks, but the album also features country musician Mac Davis, Mike Einziger of Incubus, Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons (his vocals were featured in a version released on SoundCloud, though the album release of “Heart Upon my Sleeve” did not), singer and songwriter Dan Tyminski of Alison Krauss and Union Station, Sterling Fox, and Adam Lambert. It even features a personal favourite of mine, and honorary Australian (for Maya Jupiter’s sake) Aloe Blacc. I think this strange collection adds a lot of otherwise non-dance depth to the record. Again, this is not the album of the year, but it’s a decent first try from a 24-year-old swede. I mean, I could have been David Guetta populist pandering but its not. Avicii has copped a hell of a lot of criticism regarding the album’s use of country artists and feels. Yet its sort of refreshing to hear someone rated in the top of the world in dance music not following the current trend towards robots fucking on their records or vocal-less modern hip-hop beats more commonly referred to as ‘Trap’.

Having said that, the album could have been less produced and a little rawer, but that’s me I guess. I think the length is far too long for this kind of repetition but if the reviews of this are anything to go by; its popular amongst the sheep. I’m not going to dissect the tracks on the album just to spare you the pain, but I will say, if you have any loved ones in your family who buy ministry of sound Annuals, buy them this instead. They’ll  love you I promise. But me? I’ll be going back to the latest Bloody Beetroots album in about 3…2…1…now!

***Sharing Pain***

6/10 Guetta Butt Boys {Abrasive Andy}

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