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By Andrew

There’s been an inordinate amount of hype surrounding the debut release from UK songstress/Duo AlunaGeorge, and considering their powerhit addition to the vocalist roster from the latest Disclosure album ‘Settle’, this could have been a great start to a promising career. Sadly, Body Music promises the world and pretty much gives you herpes. Like a $5 whore in a dark alley, AlunaGeorge rapes your ears and robs you blind. 19 tracks on an album is usually herculean in effort, but when they all sound EXCATLY the same, its hard to swallow.

There’s no doubt Aluna Francis has a beautiful voice, albeit cockney, but she comes off sounding like a poor man’s Lily Allen without the acerbic wit and cracking turn of phrase. It’s a real shame, because I was hoping to have a new album to listen to instead of more space taken up in my laptop recycling bin. Needless to say, one listen is enough.

The tracks are all laid back sweet little crooning tracks lamenting lost loves and Taylor Swift-esque boy-hating. I think the best stuff on the album is the inclusion of many garage and chillstep beats thanks to the other half of the duo, George Reid. But when you combine them with her voice, over and over again, it sounds kinda fucked up. I’m hoping to see some better remixes of this album coming out to rectify the stupidity of her vocal stylings and writing, because right now, this is not hitting the mark. Probably the best track off the album is “This Is How We Do It’, which is a cover anyway, but it hits a nostalgic tip which will make people reminisce of Montell Jordan and at least show their appreciation of old school hip hop. But the track is so late in the album that most would have turned off way before this piece comes in and that’s one of the biggest problems. Instead of coming out swinging in the first half, the best tracks sit waaay down the end of the 19 additions that they’ll sadly be either missed or not have the sly smile feelings on hearing them.

You can tell Francis must be young, if not for her voice, but because she names one of her songs “B Ur Boo”, as if all of us think using letters for words, texting language and ghetto terms makes her seem mature. Its not a completely horrible track in fact, but the title turned me off from the start and having listeners on the backfoot from the start is not how to get fans.

Overall, the album is not the greatest, but its definitely not the worst I’ve heard of late (Selena, that honour goes to you…) and if it wasn’t for the great production and very purposefully built music surrounding her naff vocals this would be a write off (Selena). Luckily, AlunaGeorge justs scrapes in over the line; but has still gotten a three point shot straight to the digital recycling basket.


5/10 Back Alley Ear Rapers {Abrasive Andy}

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