50 Cent – Animal Ambition: An Untamed Desire to Win


By Andrew

Do you remember Curtis Jackson? Back before Waka Flocka Flame and Young Jeezy took incomprehensible rapping to mean dollar signs and before getting shot at was a sport there was a dude with a story more inflated fiction than solid fact. Shot nine times and left to die and a protégé of a protégé of one the pioneers of West coast rap, 50 Cent was big enough to spawn himself a quite playable videogame alongside his highly popular ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ debut and infamous club shootings persona. But nearly ten years later, what does he do now? Surely he has made enough coin to get him into some mediocre mansion or have him perpetually sitting in the producer’s chair stealing lesser rapper’s income. Enter ‘Animal Ambition’, the fifth and most likely not the last attempt Jackson makes to remind us that the gangsta never leaves the man despite the Gucci manbags doused in Cristal.

Animal Ambition is not the only album Jackson is releasing this year which begs the question, “What’s the point?”. ‘Street King Immortal’ is due out in September this year and ‘Animal Ambition’ could have easily been produced as a double album with its dismal writing and tiny 39 minute length. But like all G-Unit fans will say, you can never get enough of Fiddy. Well, I’m here to say you can. The themes Jackson made so synonymous with his image from the outset of ‘GRODT’, the love of the ladies, his un-kill-ability and his dubious method to fund his first release are still here but feel like the played out gangster themes they are. Yeah yeah, Ice-T already did it dude. Yeah yeah, NWA already did it dude. The street themes are really hard to swallow when you know that Jackson consistently makes the list of the highest paid rappers in the biz and that he lives in a mansion formally owned by Mike Tyson; facts that don’t parallel the image Jackson wants us to believe.


It’s a hard album to listen to right through and I have to say it really drags even for its short 39 minutes. The list of producers and writers reads longer than the lyrical content and although its not uncommon these days for rap artists to collaborate; it feels like Jackson is going for the world record. There’s no less than 26 writers and 18 producers and its still not good enough to rival the kings of American rap in the past year or so, upstart precocious Kendrick Lamar and the inglorious bastard Eminem. Its unfair to compare mostly, but Curtis has always been elevated to the level of Eminem purely due to their former relationship. Its also interesting to note that there are connections between all three with Jackson bringing long time collaborator of Lamar, SchoolboyQ, on board and Lamar’s hero, Prodigy from Mobb Deep, to the table for the album. But signs are showing that the throne is in jeopardy from Lamar and others, and albums such as ‘Animal Ambition’ become more death knells than heartbeats of the rapping dead.


But don’t feel sorry because really its inevitable. Most rap artists fall from the heady heights of the charts the minute they sell Vodka instead of drugs and the point when they deliver kids to school in a Mercedes instead of deliver 9mm bullets to rival bangers. Ahh my squirrely little friend, if nine bullets and an incomprehensible drawl didn’t kill you, the loneliness of obscurity surely will.


2/10 50c Discounts {Abrasive Andy}