The Nerve – Audiodacity


by Andrew

Sometimes you hear of a band and you just know its going to be awesome before you even hear a single song. Sometimes it’s the label, sometimes it’s the hype. Other times; it’s the pedigree. The Nerve fall into the latter category. With a lineup of three members from three of Australia’s best live rock bands and arguably one of the best guitarists in the world; I didn’t even have to hear it to know it was great. But, for the purpose of letting you in on the secret; I’ll indulge. Featuring One part Cog, One part Mammal, one part Pre Shrunk and one very large part guitar demon, The Nerve are one for the list of bands to hear/see in 2014. At the end of last year, they released their debut album and despite a very silent appearance, ‘Audiodacity’ is fucking explosive.


I am huge supporter of underground Australian music, of any genre. One of the best bands I have had the privilege of seeing live in the last few years was Mammal. Lead singer Ezekiel Ox has a presence and energy on stage which is not only powerful; its infectious. I was in awe. Take everything Ox was in Mammal and attach it to face melting riffs of Glenn Proudfoot, incredible drumming from Ex-Cog’s Lucius Borich and Pre-Shrunk’s Davarj Thomas’ bass you can actually hear and The Nerve is what you get. It’s a pretty damn short album and having been lucky enough to be listening to it since last November, I often find myself pushing re-play over and over.

The album encompasses rock, progressive, metal, hardcore; and even shades of hip-hop in the 28 minutes of musical degustation. But every time, its Glenn Proudfoot’s riffs which hold the spotlight. I never would have thought someone could match Ox’s lyrical intensity; but Proudfoot is that man. In fact the band honourably defers the album’s backbone and soul to Proudfoot, whom badgered and chased down Ox through Skype to write and album together. Proudfoot is presently split between Australia and Prague where his progressive rock band Prazsky Vyber is one of the best around. Others might know Proudfoot from his involvement with Guitar World and their ‘Monster Licks’ segment which Proudfoot leads. It’s not surprising this debut album is a vehicle for Proudfoot’s power riffs and even though it has such pedigree in its other members of the group, ‘Audiodacity’ is Proudfoot contorting his guitar into positions nobody would have even believed it could go.

Ox’s signature social commentary is present in the album’s lyrics smashing out thoughts on social media, bullshit posturing and contrived social and political rhetoric. This was one of the best parts of Mammal and its good to hear it return. I was shattered when I heard Mammal was no more; and equally shattered when I heard Cog was no more either. I felt like an anti-establishment rock void had appeared and an era of Australian music was dead for good. Thank fuck its alive and well and just to show no one ever really dies, this incredible Oz music griffin has risen phoenix-style from the ashes of all this greatness. The only place I could get the album was through their bandcamp page; although it might be available in stores by now. But why pay some big faceless corporation? They sent me a silver signed copy of the album and another single release for my money plus I got to download my first copy in FLAC from the website. Bandcamp and independent releasing of music is a good compromise to iTunes (which I detest for their lack of tactile love). Don’t believe me ‘Audiodacity’ is fucking awesome? Go listen for yourself and tell me there isn’t at least one song you fall for.

Now for the criticism. Well, niggles I guess. First. Its too fucking short. There I said it. 28 minutes is not an album although I’m sure most punk bands would disagree. I want more more more. I know there was about 30 songs written during the four years prior to the album’s release, surely there was a few more songs which could have made it to the album? Second, Sometimes this album is slightly incoherent in construction. Too many styles and too many mind-wandering guitar masturbation moments. At least from a critic’s perspective anyway. Third, well, there’s no third and I struggled to find two things. Just go listen for yourself. There really is little not to like about this album.

I feel like in some way I have been privy to a well kept secret and although the inception of The Nerve was almost four years ago it shouldn’t be a secret any more. ‘Audiodacity’ is the culmination of nearly four years hard earned work both live and across the ever present ethernet. And who says long distance relationships can’t work? I say you’re not working hard enough. The Nerve? Yeah they’re gunna kill it…

***Rockgasm Satisfaction***

9/10 Face Melting Guitar Demons {Abrasive Andy}

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