Hypersleep- Hypersleep E.P.


By Andrew

Melbourne experimental electronica artist Hypersleep (AKA Todd Proctor) has just released an EP through “name-your-price” music distribution website Bandcamp and as much as I’m a huge supporter of all things electronic and SSMB supporters/likers, this is not the smash of 2013. As with all experiemental and ambient styled electronica, you’re either into it or you’re not, and this is no exception. Being indy, locally produced and not of the mainstream ilk I really want this EP to be an EP I can spread to the masses. Instead, I have only 50% good things to say.

Myself, in usual style, listened to the songs out of order and got the black cat of the mixed bag of lollies straight up. The fourth track in the EP, ‘’, is a bit of a shock in the ear after being subjected to modern dance/electronica; with the track’s production excellent but the overall substance lacking. Sadly I turned off half way through the track. I love space ambient stuff, but usually with something bigger to grab my attention.

I then dove into the mixed bag for my next tasty treat only to pull out the mint leaf of the bag ‘Thumb Wars’. A better track than the black cat, but not my favourite in the set. Again, this is a journey through analog nostalgia and something I appreciate, but don’t necessarily play at gigs or really; in my lounge room. It does however have its place in the bag, but not as the first track on the EP.

Then I pulled out a milk bottle with the track ‘Gregor Samsa’. I love milk bottles and with this track, my nostalgia kicked in. A little slow by other standards, but a refreshing change after being pumped full of dubstep and harder styled electronic so fixated on the obligatory “drop”. I found myself silently nodding along and not too worried about the length or the speed of this gem in the mixed bag. Milk Bottles are sometimes my favourites, and something which always makes me smile. But I crave the strength and tastiness in my $1 bag of mixed sweets.

The last morsel to devour was the Chico – my alltime favourite. Smoothly delivered and oh so good, ‘W112BC’, delivers what electronica needs to bring to the table. It may follow some simple structures and formalities but ultimately it’s the track that really stands out for what is only a small four-track EP. The time spent, energy injected and subtle and well executed production really shines in this one track and an album (or indeed EP) of tracks of this caliber would not be unappreciated. Something makes me want more though, I will keep watch.


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