Grey Ghost – The Elixir EP


by Andrew

Grey Ghost, aka Jeremedy, is not a new artist by any means. Having kicked around the oz hip-hop scene for a number of years under different monikers, he has rarely had the exposure he really deserves. With this latest moniker, Grey Ghost, he has released a very interesting EP, The Elixir. Far from hardcore rap or hip-hop, The Elixir is a mixture of some of the best rapid fire rhyming since Dialectrix first hit the scene several years ago. But what The Elixir does is really not normal. Closer to more conventional rock/rnb/electronic formulae; The Elixir is both a breath of fresh air and a sometimes confusing collection of odes.

I’ll make this review short because its only five songs and I think it should really only get a couple of paragraphs to keep it brief.

Title track ‘The Elixir’ is what heads will know Ghostie is good at. Straight hip-hop, catchy choruses and his iconic voice. Reminds me of some of Urthboy’s more commercial stuff and that’s definitely not a bad thing. Its got that Mantra vibe to it too but that’s no surprise, with Ghost and Mantra always sharing albums and bills together. Next comes ‘Back To Life’. I thought the album has skipped when I heard it. Sounds like Example or maybe even *shudder* Drake or some shit. But then Ghostie kicks it with that oh so good rapid fire rhyming. Fast fast fast. So hard to even hear what he’s saying and I’ve been listening to hip-hop for years and kinda think I have it in the bag. Not so with Ghostie. Listen at own risk.

‘Satellite’ extends that RnB electronic sound pervading the scene right now. 128 BPM, straight 4/4 kick and some TB303 bassline. Yet what’s amazing is that it bloody works. In fact, again with rapid fire spitting, it has the composure and form to make all the million dollar jokes in the US nervous. ‘Long Way Home’ is more introspective. Grey Ghost is a cerebral writer and not everyone’s cup of tea. This is probably the biggest departure from the formula in the EP, with melodic vocals a la Daniel Merriwether piercing the chorus. I like Daniel Merriwether, so I should be happy with it, but alas, its not Dan. Lastly on the EP is the final call track ‘Dynamite Love’ which brings it all back to hip-hop, but with Ghostie singing it’s a bit jarring. For the rest of the heads out there expecting this to have the power and intelligence of his Rappertag presentation will be sorely disappointed.

I know this is only an EP, and Grey Ghost spends as much time drawing cartoon as he does making music, this isn’t a powerhouse EP which will change the scene. It is good; in fact its great. But it won’t change a thing and probably means most people won’t even pick up this EP at all.

***Secret Weapon***

7/10 Hergesque Cartoon Rappers {Abrasive Andy}

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