2014 EP Releases – Small Ones You Might Have Missed (first six months)


by Andrew

I thought I would do an EP round up as there seems to be quite a lot coming out lately and instead of putting them in their own reviews, I would do small ones of each. Here goes!


Robyn and Royksopp – Do It Again

This one came out of left field for most of us and seemed an unlikely collaboration, even though they are both from the same part of the world. Its actually a very good little mix up with all the best parts of Robyn and Royksopp joining forces like a musical Voltron. Weak in spots still, it could be a brilliant partnership in the future and the middle of the EP is pure gold. File under left-field electronic collabs made good.


Major Lazer – Apocalypse Soon

In usual Major Lazer style, the boys have a habit with releasing full albums in a timely manner but will appear on everyone else’s productions while we wait. After the very long wait for Free The Universe, Apocalypse Soon is a welcome relief from the ML withdrawals. Also as usual, ML makes everyone who guests use some dodgy ragga accent when they collab but in this case, its one of the best songs Pharrell Williams has made in a very very long time. File under daggering dancehall moombahton.



Girl Talk and Freeway – Broken Ankles

I think this is a really weird collaboration, between one of the least famous rappers with, well, one of the least famous computer geek DJs. Ok, maybe its not that much of a stretch, but Girl Talk is not my first choice for someone to produce top level hip-hop beats and layers but with Broken Ankles, its like he’s nothing less. A vastly well produced mixtape/EP, featuring my most hated rapper Waka Flocka Flame and the seriously underated Jadakiss, Girl Talk and Freeway should be getting paid for this shit. File under East Coast Electro Rap.


Koan Sound – Dynasty

I have a bit of a soft spot for Koan Sound, much like I have a soft spot for Feed Me, and their brilliant style of glitch-hop has never really had the powerhouse success that dubstep garnered, although it seems to have endured far longer. Dynasty is their sixth EP and is definitely worth your time if you don’t mind a bit of down tempo glitch. Filthy beats, stonking bass and just a liberal swish of electro piano and sprinkle of funk, Dynasty is a nice refrain from modern dance. File under sunny glitch-hop stepping.