Abrasive Andy’s Top Ten Albums on High Rotation – 2013


By Andrew



10 Flume – Flume

Young Flumey has had a brilliant year of praise and media noise after he released his inaugural self-titled LP. This year has culminated with him winning multiple ARIA awards for 2013 and all this from an album that came out in 2012! A deserved winner of a spot in the top ten albums on High Rotation in the AA home.


9 Kanye West – Yeezus

This was a killer album. Its still stirring up the media months after it came out and its challenging production thanks to the like of people such as Daft Punk, Rick Rubin and Lupe Fiasco made this one of the most challenging listens all year. Exhausting, uncompromising and sonically violent, Yeezus sets the standard for the next wave of true rap artists in the US. Read the review here.


8 Disclosure – Settle

This album had quite a bit of hype behind it before it came out and the british duo’s love for UK garage and nostalgic two-step came through with the goods. I was not overly impressed with it when it first came out, but after multiple listens it has really grown on. Not surprisingly, it floated the career’s of a number of feature artists on the album including AlunaGeorge and Eliza Doolittle. Read the review here.


7. Coheed and Cambria – The Afterman: Ascension and The Afterman: Descension

The long awaited return to the Amory Wars universe was a surprise for fans and a true reminder of why these guys rule the world of modern sci-fi/fantasy concept albums. This is the first album/collection to depart from the story of Coheed and Cambria and the destruction of the universe at the hands of the Monstar virus and its carrier, the bringer of the crowing. The Afterman: ‘A’ & ‘D’ details the founder of the Keyworks, which holds together the 78 planets of the universe, Sirius Amory, and his encounters with the souls of lost humanity which make up the energy which fuels the Keyworks. Confused? You should be. But those in love with Prog rock and sci-fi should look no further. The best Live show I’ve seen in years. Read the live review here.


6 Naughty Boy – Hotel Cabana

One of the biggest surprises of 2013, Naughty Boy’s inaugural album is a worthy recipient of the spot at number 6. Fusing RnB, Drum and Bass and the sweetest collabs this year, Hotel Cabana is well worth a listen for those who still hold production in just as much esteem as hype. Read the review here.

InfectedMushroom FOM1

5 Infected Mushroom – Friends on Mushrooms Vol. 1 & 2

Not more than 6 months since releasing their last album, Infected came back with a duo of remixed EPS which combine to be some of their best work in years. Strong, intelligent and well produced; this duo proves they are a force to reckoned with – even if they are attributed with the systematic death of modern psy-trance. Read the review here.

rudimental home

4 Rudimental – Home

This one really hit the spot for dance lovers across the world and their live shows display all the power and passion this group can deliver. Home was their first release and one which sets them up for the sophomore blues. The next couple of years will be the test for Rudimental, But I for one hope they can pull through again on the second release because Home was everything I want in a drum and bass album and more. Read the Review here.


3 Horrorshow – King Amongst Many

The best Australian release this year and the first to gain a full 10/10 from Audiocracy (albeit, much to the chagrin of Stew J). Laidback, intelligent and introspective, Horroshow pulled out all the stops for this, their third release. They didn’t get the ARIA award, much to the dislike of Oz Hip Hop fans and artists across the country. Maybe next time boys, you still beat the fuck out of Illy in my opinion. Anytime, any place.


ML - free the universe

2 Major Lazer – Free The Universe

This was one of the best albums of this year and mostly due to Diplo’s ability to bring players to the table. Free The universe was a long time coming for a trio of guys that never seem to stop remixing, touring and collabing. Very deserved 2nd place. Read the review here.


1 Lowkey – Soundtrack to the Struggle

This is an album that I didn’t even review through the page and didn’t even come out in this year, but its been the top album in the AA rotational selection and truly deserving of the top spot. Mixing brilliant writing, exquisite sampling and the meanest political rhetoric I’ve had the pleasure of indulging in; Lowkey is truly like no other. Coming out of Britain and disappearing late last year, Lowkey will return, I’m hoping during the next year or so.


Honourable Mentions

Enter Shikari – A Flash Flood of Colour

Ash Grunwald – Gargantua

Deltron 3030 – The Event II

Hadouken! – Every Weekend


Stinker of the Year


Miley Cyrus – Bangerz

Winner of the dubious honour of no stars on Audiocracy, this trashy, overproduced, no-content drivel still haunts my house. My stereo hates me, my computer hasn’t worked properly since I wrote the review and I’m sure we lost a few fans. Revisit the nightmare here.


Dishonourable mentions

Selena Gomez – Stars Dance

Will.i.am – #Willpower

Daft Punk – Random Access Memories

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