Suicidal Tendencies- 13


By Stewart

What is it with bands obsessing over the number thirteen as an album title?  First there was Megadeth’s mediocre effort of a couple of years ago then Black Sabbath’s recent return to form and now Suicidal Tendencies’ newie!  Yes we know what year it is thank you!  ST may be able to claim ownership of the number slightly more so than Sabbath and by a whisker over Megadeth who’s album shares a couple of these points;  firstly the number appeared on ST’s merchandise over a decade ago, secondly this is their thirteenth full length album  and thirdly there are 13 songs on it.  Also did you know it’s 2013?  Read more

Confessions Of A Closet Hipster…


By Andrew

I have been accused of bashing hipsters many times in the past and I will admit, that at times, I will openly attack their ipad-carrying style-expert wannabe selves purely for the fact it’s fun and they bite back. I have spent many years perfecting my ‘bait and attack’ routine with hipsters, leading them on a merry path to sacrifice on the internet and, conversely, in the open world. But this writer is possibly hiding a dark, dark secret of acceptance-craving and scene-following shame.  Read more

Queens Of The Stone Age- …Like Clockwork


By Stewart

It’s been six long years since QOTSA has graced us with an album, and more than ten since they unleashed the magnificent Songs for the Deaf on the flabbergasted musical world.  Taunting us with almost Daft Punk-like levels of hype,  a couple of teaser tracks from …Like Clockwork  were released, accompanied by beautiful/disturbing animations.  This either whet your appetite or annoyed the hell out of you depending on how much you were slavering over the imminent release of the album.  Well, tease, hype & slavering notwithstanding, the album is now out and I’m about to tell you if it’s any good or not…Read more

Marshalblaze Presents Linkin Park/Eminem- After Collision


By Andrew

After the amazing success of Collision Course collaboration between Jay-Z and Linkin park resulted in a Grammy nomination for Numb/Encore from the album, it appears someone out there is stalking the throne.  This is the second mixtape from a seemingly unknown source (Marshall Blaze Presents) who has compiled the best of Linkin Park deftly mixed in the Eminem’s finest… Read more

Destroid- The Invasion


By Andrew

Destroid’s have released their debut and after much hype and a slew of live performances to cement their domination in EDM. But what of the album? Is it the powerhouse they promised? Is it the next phase for dubstep in 2013 or are we just listening to the death march of a scene so heavily populated by North American carbon copies?  Read More

Ash Grunwald with Scott Owen & Andy Strachan from The Living End- Gargantua



By Andrew

When I heard about this collaboration earlier this year I thought “here we go again, Ash’s smoked some funky shit and thinks he’s on a different musical plane” and in a way I was right. This release from the notoriously under organised blues and roots fiend is an example of why his style and sound are one of a kind… Read more