La Dispute / Pianos Become Teeth / Flower Mouth @ Amplifier Bar Perth 06/06/13


By Ben

Say we couldn’t tell the difference between the feeling and the sound,”

Punk and its entire bastard offspring is often about much more than music. For those that choose it, punk can be a lifestyle, a movement, a community, and an ethos. There are certain bands that embody this essence and live it fulltime. I believe a good punk/hardcore band has something to say and is not going to be kept from saying it, but a truly transcendent one lives not only by their words but also through their actions. La Dispute are such an act… Read more

Cult Of Luna- Vertikal


By Ben

Though not widely considered a tourist hotspot, Umea in Sweden is high on my “must visit bucket list” Not for any traditional reason but simply to investigate how this university town of just over 100,000 residents has managed to produce the remarkable trio of Refused, Meshuggah and Cult Of Luna. All three rate among my favourite bands, all diverse in nature, all brilliant in output and influence. If there is actually something in the Umea water then I want to bathe in it… Read more

The Dillinger Escape Plan- One Of Us Is The Killer



By Ben

Remember those ‘Magic Eye’ pictures? The ones where among a seemingly chaotic jumble of pixels & shapes there was supposedly an image of a yacht or some such? The first time hearing new music from Dillinger Escape Plan is an experience not unlike staring at one of those pictures. The band come at you with such  random ferociousness and in such discordant chaotic waves that it takes a while to work through the sensory overload and “see the yacht”… Read more

TesseracT- Altered State


By Stewart

Heavy progressive music is in an interesting state of flux circa 2013.  There are certainly some amazing and inspired bands kicking about, but conversely there is a disturbing number of pale imitators flooding the market with their own sub-par take on djent/prog-metalcore/mathcore… or whatever  moniker will next be self applied by some mediocre & generic 8 string toting band trying vainly to stand out from the pack… Read more

Infected Mushroom- Friends On Mushrooms Vol. 1&2

By Andrew

“What?!”, I hear you say, “I never heard about a new Infected Mushroom album coming out!” And after the release of ‘Army Of Mushrooms’ last year you could be forgiven for missing these two linked EPs which have snuck through with little or no fanfare. They are, of course, only 4-track EPs but together they comprise some of the best offerings/remixes the group have produced in years. Experimental, uncompromising and oh so shroomy ‘Friends On Mushrooms’ is Erez and Duvdev at their most obscure… Read more